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Price Sensitive Information!!!(Post Date: 14/11/2016)

The Board of Directors has recommended 100% cash dividend for the year ended on June 30, 2016. Date of AGM: 04.02.2017, Time: 11:30 AM, Venue: Hall-24, near M. A. Aziz Stadium, Lalkhan Bazar, Chittagong. Record Date: 15.12.2016. The Company has also reported EPS of Tk. 17.74, NAV per share of Tk. 143.44 and NOCFPS of Tk. 151.92 for the year ended on June 30, 2016 as against Tk. 20.40, Tk. 136.74 and Tk. 67.48 respectively for the year ended on June 30, 2015.

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*** Annual Reports: 2014-15 has been published. Click to Download.

*** Download PROXY FORM for 41st  AGM.

Dear shareholders, please notice that Jamuna Oil Company has requested the shareholders to update their mailing address, Bank name, Account No, Branch Name/Routing Number along with 12 digit E-TIN, in their respective BO Account before the Record Date on 28-12-2015. Details here!

Annual Performance Agreement(APA) 2015-16  Between Jamuna oIl Company Ltd and BP C  is published .

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'Tax on Dividend' related notice:

Dear shareholders, as per Income Tax Ordinance-1984, please submit your application along with 12 digit eTIN certificate to ensure deduct 10% Tax on cash Dividend instead of 15%. Details Here!!! 


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In 1964 Pakistan National Oil Limited (PNOL), the maiden National Oil Company of the then Pakistan was established as a private limited company. The company started functioning with an authorized capital of Tk.2.00 crore. After the Independence of Bangladesh in 1971 the Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh acquired the assets and liabilities of Pakistan National Oil Limited by virtue of Bangladesh Abandoned Property (control, Management & Disposal) Order, 1972 (P. O. No. 16 of 1972) and the Company was renamed as Bangladesh National Oil Limited. The Company has been finally renamed as Jamuna Oil Company Limited (JOCL) by the Government on 13 January, 1973. At that time the company was operated by an adhoc committee called Oil Companies Advisory Committee (OCAC) under Petrobangla, constitute by the notification No. 21 m-4/76 (NR) dated 21-4-73, M/O. Natural Resources. Jamuna Oil Company Limited was registered with the registrar of Joint Stock Companies & Firms as fully Government owned Private Limited Company on 12 March, 1975 under Companies Act 1913 with authorized capital of Tk. 10.00 crore and paid-up capital of Tk. 5.00 crore. Subsequently, in the year 1976 the assets and liabilities of the Company were transferred & handed over to Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) as per schedule stated in clause 31(c) of BPC Ordinance No. LXXXVIII (published in Bangladesh Gazette extra ordinary on 13 November, 1976). Since then Jamuna Oil Company Limited has been functioning as a Subsidiary of BPC. On 1 January, 1986 all assets and liabilities of Indo-Burmah Petroleum Company Limited (IBPCL) were transferred to the Company.

In 2005-2006 FY the paid-up capital of the company was increased to Tk. 10.00 crore from Tk. 5.00 crore by issuing of bonus share out of its profit. The company was converted into a Public Limited Company from a Private Limited Company on 25 June, 2007 and its authorized capital was increased to Tk. 300.00 crore. On 10 August, 2007 the paid-up capital of the company was increased to Tk.45.00 crore by issuing bonus share of Tk. 35.00 crore. The company was enlisted with Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited and Chittagong Stock Exchange Limited on 9 January, 2008 with a view to off-load 1.35 crore shares of Tk.10.00 each under direct listing procedure and accordingly the shares of the company were off-loaded in the capital market.

By issuing bonus shares in the subsequent financial years as approved in the AGM of the company, the paid up capital was raised to 110.42 crore. At present, the sharholdings of BPC and general investors are 60.08% and 39.92%.

There is a Board of Directors constituting of 9 members to run the Company. The overall activities of the company are performed with the approval of the Board of Directors. The company implements the Government policies as per the guidance and directives of BPC from time to time.


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